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This is a world of myths and legends:

Greek influence on the
US Constitution
Daedalus – Who was he?How do you escape the labyrinth?

What do you know of Pericles?  

Is the Trojan Horse
a True Story?
The Origin of the Ancient Olympic GamesWho was TheseusThe Female only Olympics
in Ancient Greece?
The Olympic Truce.Greek LegendsAthenian Democracy
an early verion of democracy
Do you know why the
Modern Olympics started?
The story of the
Monster in the Maze
The Ancient Olympics,
how did they start?
Athens – where our
democracy started
Did the Greek Gods
start the Trojan War?
Philippides feat,
the first marathon!

Who was the first
woman doctor?

Would you use this defence today?

Can you work out how big the world is?