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There are so many interesting and slightly Bizarre stories we couldn’t help recoding them for you to include in a class when you are looking fro something different.
The Queen of Sinking Ships
Yes, another Titanic Story

When did we first learn of the Balaclava, the Cardigan and the Raglan Sleeve

What was the Silk Road?Nellie Bly’s record.
The story of Anne Green
you will be amazed
Steamboat WillieAbout ChampagneWhat became of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground?
The History of LotteriesThe ‘Plumstead Ghost’, 1897Do you know the story
of William McGonagall the worst poet in England?
It took a woman to
launch our first
daily newspaper?
The man who sold the Eiffel tower twice!!Scotland’s First Black Football CaptainSherlock Holmes,
a fictional invention
of the Victorian era.
The 1910
London to Manchester
air race
Tulip Mania discussedA village became an
independent republic!
The Dutch create a lakeWhere did the Circus
come from?

The Paul Pry phenomenon!

1908 New York to Paris Race the wrong way!Mechanical Turk –
a chess machine that
could beat anyone!
A Catholic French Marshal
without Royal Blood
becomes King of Sweden!
The ‘dancing plague’!

“Unsinkable Sam”
a special cat!

The curious effect of
the Henley Regatta
Fairs on a frozen Thames