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The Tudors were an interesting and endlessly fascinating time of history:
July 29th 1558 – the Battle of GravelinesAll for love and in vain!The Ghosts of Anne BoleynOdd sayings that
come from The 1500s  
Why in 1588 were there
30,000 soldiers in Calais?
Did an Italian claim the New World for Spain?The ‘dancing plague’Why was May 19th an
interesting date for
Tudor England
About ShakespeareThe Spanish meet the Aztecs.
Gustav I of SwedenHow dangerous was
Henry VIII’s court?

Henry VIII’s daughter takes her mother’s side!

Act of SupremacyDid Christopher Columbus
really discover America?
What led up to
the Spanish Armada?
Have we misunderstood
Henry VIII?
Christopher Columbus leavesThe End of the Aztec CivilizationTimeline for the
Break with Rome