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War appears inviable, which is frightening, and there have been many interesting wars, and unless we learn from them my worry is that we will keep making the same mistakes and fighting wars.

The Battle of CopenhagenFacts about the Battle of BritainThe Dutch invade England!Have the Danes ever
successfully invaded England?
Have you ever heard of the Battle of Margate?
How the Austrian Army
wiped itself out!

Why the Triple Entente failed to stop WWI

Why did William the Conqueror
die in Rouen?
The Pyrrhic WarDo you know
Jemima Nicholas?
The Battle of GettysburgBoudica – A woman scorned!In the middle of a war the opposing sides climb out of their trenches and play football!The Unkown Battle of Gravelines
in 1558
Sweden hasn’t been in
a war since 1818!
How old is the shield wall
the police use today?
Battle of Beverhoutsveld
officially the first recored
drunken battle!

The Combat of the Thirty.
Yes, only 30 soldiers
on each side!

The Mise of LewisThe British Tommy
and his cup of Tea!
The Battle of Lake TanganyikaWill we ever learn
from Afghanistan?
Unsinkable SamWould you date Khutulun,
a descendant of Genghis Khan?
When was the air
first used in war?
End of the AztecsDid you know of the Night Witches?Who really won
the Battle of Britain?
The Calcutta Light horse
and Operation Creek
  Singapore, another failure
we need to learn.