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We live in an amazing world, but how did all these inventions that we take for granted actually appear, we have written a few stories about them.
A novel way to  inventA man looks for a cure for Malaria but ….The history of GlassesThe Galileo affair
Can you work out how big the world is?

April 1, 1960: First Weather Satellite Launched 
the 1st TV pictures from space

The first self-propelling steam locomotiveWho invented the telephone?
Yes, he dreamt an invention!The birth of the printing pressWho invented the Compass?

It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!

The Mechanical TurkThe man who filled a small
wooden box with paper and light it!
Did you know that
Fax machines came
before Telephones!
Who invented the Wheel?
Who was the first man to
fly over the North Pole?

The Tin Can’s journey from France to Bermondsey, England

The story of the Humble Stamp

Where did Coca Cola
come from?
Why did the first horse
drawn tram fail?
The story of Hunley, the first SubmarineThe Air War in WW1Where did chocolate
come from?

The History of Recorded Music